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Protecting God's Children

In accordance with the Archdiocese of Newark’s program "Protecting God's Children," all volunteers who chaperone groups of minors on day trips or overnight, regardless of the type of activity involved, will need a background check (National Criminal and Sexual Offenders Search) and to attend a "Protecting God's Children" workshop.

If you wish to be considered as a chaperone for a class trip, please request the background check paperwork from the school office. Please check the Archdiocese's website (www.rcan.org) for local workshops. You may also see the link below which provides a list of upcoming sessions in your areas and register:


We ask your help in providing a safe and security environment for all our students. Please take note of the following safety guidelines:

  • All parents/guardians need to check in at the school office;

  • Parents/Guardians are not permitted to walk to the classroom without the permission from the office and a visitors pass;

  • If you feel your child has items that you think are too heavy for them to carry up to their classroom, please leave it in the office and the student will be permitted to come and take the contents in small, manageable amounts to their rooms.

Thank you for your help in our efforts to provide a more secure school for all of the students.