Welcome to Saint Genevieve School 

"Where Everybody Is Somebody"



Safe Enviroment

Virtual Classes

We are happy to say that our students are in classrooms with a 15:1 student - teacher ratio, ensuring our bright minds get to shine!
At Saint Genevieve School we are very pleased that we are able to provide scholarships for families that qualify!
We  provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment so that students can learn and grow !
For our more advanced students we are very excited to offer virtual high school learning courses!
" We concentrate on the whole child, so each may succeed in his/her own way." -- Dr. Anika Logan, Principal

Quality education in a faith based learning environment!

Our children learn, explore, and collaborate ideas that promote excellence and a healthier perspective on life. 
Our Mission
Our Philosophy
 St. Genevieve Catholic School is committed to the formation of a faith community comprised of  students, parents, faculty, and priests. Together we strive to provide a Christ centered  environment that; transmits the Gospel message through example, creates a climate of respect to foster excellence using high standards-based curriculum, recognizes the individual needs of a  child, and helps all students develop from life’s challenges as well as its successes.

Our Philosophy is to intertwine our relationships to touch the lives of our parish and the world. In doing so we are able to promote cohesiveness through our witness to Christ. We believe that  the practice of our Christian values allow us to teach with patience and enthusiasm. Within the community, of parish and school, we seek to develop morally just individuals who elicit responsible citizens rooted in peace and justice.